Saturday, 28 February 2009

Princess Diana...The People's Punk....

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I spent most of Wednesday at my mum's house sorting through my old clothes (...very old clothes!) for the charity shop, one for the bin, one to four to keep, or lets make that six...and so on and so forth until I actually ended up keeping most of what was actually destined for the bin. So why tears?...gosh, the tears...tears of happy memories, tears of sad memories, tears of disappeared years and tears of will I EVER fit in to that again???
But the point where I actually wee-d myself a little bit was when I found the legendary Diana T-shirt...I bloody loved that T-shirt. People still find it hard to believe that only a few days before the unfortunate death of Princess Diana, I found a child's T-shirt featuring the face of Diana for just 20p in some charity shop in Bournemouth.

I remember the day she died as if it was yesterday...having still been up from the night before, I was staying at my friend Ish's place, having to shake myself as I watched the morning news telling the world the sad story of her death. I also remember jumping about like a kangaroo on speed, banging on Ish's bedroom door trying to get her to wake up and witness history, only to be told to F*** OFF.

Within less than 24 hours, the T had been slashed, pinned back together, Diana's hair painted pink and finished off with a safety pin through her nose and eyebrow. Upcycling at its best. The people's princess had become the people's punk, and what a more fitting tribute?

The next day I wore it out to a dodgy jazz club in town. It caused havoc. Where the hell did I get my balls from?

It is only since I have grown older that I have actually realised how fitting the statement of the 'people's punk' was. I bloody Loved that T-shirt.
One of my favourite images of Diana is when she has rocking her see-through can't get much more punk than that eh?

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