Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cheeky Monkey!

I was treasure hunting at a flea market in Bournemouth a few years ago and I found an amazing Vintage Monkey ornament which I simply had to take home. I fell in love with his super cute face and cheeky smile so much that I had to try and reproduce it in some of my work...

So I decided to make a mould and re-create his cheeky little face in plastic resin!

Each Monkey face has been hand casted by myself using a resin plastic. The delicate system that I use to create my moulds mean that it is only possible to cast an extremely small number of pieces before the mould saturates. Therefore the number is Monkey face brooches that I have created is limited to an edition of 5.

So if you are wearing one of these little cuties it is highly unlikely you will see anyone wearing anything the same!

Each resin face has been securely attached to a corsage style brooch which has been made from reclaimed felt and netting.
The brooch is secured with a security pin on the back.
These are avaliable for sale for just £12 (or $20)
from my online stores.... (for worldwide sales) (for UK sales in GBP)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Back by Popular Demand!

Yipee! My ever popular Lego jewellery is back!

But for this season I have tried to make them with a slightly different 'twist' - I has sourced some different colour chain and findings, and have started producing necklaces too...

All of the LEGO which I use is recycled – it was second hand, unwanted or unloved. I cannot always get specific colours as particular LEGO colour runs are harder to source than others; this is due to ‘LEGO’s’ original production levels. Some colours are particularly rare and therefore expensive to source, but I do my best to get my paws on whatever colours I can, and rarer/limited edition or discontinued colour groups are reflected in my pricing.

I always ensure that my LEGO products are sent out gift wrapped in a box made from 100% recycled materials - This particular gift box was made from a 'Diana' Annual from 1984, which has been customised with thread and logos.
These are on sale in both my ETSY and FOLKSY stores.... (for worldwide sales)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Stock in my ETSY and FOLKSY online stores...

I love Lychees, and I really wanted to recreate my passion for this fruit in my latest project making ‘corsage style’ flower brooches.

I began by hand casting a lychee in plastic resin. The delicate system that I use to create my moulds, mean that it is only possible to cast an extremely small number of pieces before the mould saturates. Therefore the number of resin lychees that I have created for this project is limited to an edition of 14.

I then sewed a corsage/flower style base to secure the lychee onto. Each flower has two layers, and on each layer there are 6 individually crafted petals. The petals are made from reclaimed fabrics and recycled vintage fabrics that have been stitched on to a felt or denim base.

In addition to the extremely limited number of these brooches that I have produced, each individual piece is made from very different fabrics and the lychees are made from different coloured resins, therefore each piece is 100% bespoke and individual.

The brooch is finished off with a pin on the back that has a security fastening.

Due to their bespoke nature, if you were to wear one of these little cuties it is highly unlikely you will see anyone else wearing the same piece!

If you would like to take a closer look at my Lychee Brooches, check out my ETSY store or for UK shopping pop by to my FOLKSY store

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Jewellery Party...

Just a quick note for your diaries....
I have been given a fantastic opportunity to host a Sisily Love 'Jewellery and Accessory' party this coming Wednesday at 7pm at Gymophobics Gym.
It will be a great night, not only a fantastic opportunity to meet some new people and have a few glasses of complimentary vino, but also get a sneak preview of my new stock for Autumn/Winter 2009!
Don't miss out!
(Gymophobics can be found above the Co-op on Blatchington Road, Hove)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pantone Madness!

So I get an intive to a friend's birthday party....
So with little time and less money, (and with many thanks to Deluxe, Focus DIY, Home base and Wicks), we managed to pull off the creation of all creations as the King of Queen of Pantone.....!

Will making his pantone cape...

Stitching up my pantone skirt...

So how do I look???

(Skirt close up detail...)

Pantone brooch...

Pantone eyes...

Pantone photo shoot...

Shame I was the only person dressed up! Huh!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Studio_805 - London Fashion Week - A/W Collection 2009

Once again, daring to stand out from the crowd my dear friend Andrew Bannister shows his amazing dual gender collection for Autumn/Winter 2009 at the London Fashion Week 'Vauxhal Fashion Scout' show this September.

With big, red, shiny plastic 'sex doll-esque' mouth pieces, the installation of stationary models bedazzled the viewers with the Bowery-style progressive cuts and off the cuff mix of colour and texture that the label is becoming famous for.

Andrew's second collection is “preoccupied with confusing classic gender roles set within a Hogarth inspired landscape” – it's a confident, bold and entertaining collection that’s sure to be a hit with stylists.

(Photos Simon Armstrong 2009)
And after the show, there is always time for a little partying...

And as gift for Andrew (and a belated Birthday pressie) we made a 'Tranny cake' - that yes, did taste as good as it looked...

Friday, 9 October 2009

Tree Sock!

So this Autumn I'm knitting myself thin....8lbs and 3 balls later, what else could I have knitted but a sock for the tree outside my house...complete with co-ordinating pompoms - guerrilla crafting in Hove couldn't have got much better...!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My VERY Neglected Blog... Shame on Me!

So what have I been up to for all these months? Well working lots and lots at the gym....but finally my hours are back to part time, so more time for crafty crafty-ness...yippee!
Check Spelling
MAY - I went on a fantastic holiday to Greece, the weather was excellent, the food was amazing, and the magical Mythos beer was, well, magical!

But with any holiday, there is always a hint of the annoying and a splash damn right weird. So thank you Sonia for taking us to the most freakish, random and actually pretty rubbish 'Museum of Natural History' (taxidermy museum) in Zakithos. You will see from my pictures that most of the poor poor exhibits were little more than road kill will plastic toy eyes such on. Ummmmmm....

JULY - I went to THE MOST AMAZING festival....(and I have been to a fair few...) The Secret Garden Party in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. This one definitely wins my vote, and it will be the only one I'll ever be going to again.
Secret garden craziness included ball pits, art installations, a dance stage on a lake that you had to row to, secret rooms in hidden fireplaces, stall where you could make a cake or decorate a pair of pants, wellington boot throwing contests and sock wrestling.... 24/7 silliness...
The festival itself is in a wonderful setting, which is enhanced by every part of the space being decorated with various curios and as the sun went down the lighting was simply amazing.
Every one made such a HUGE effort with their outfits and costumes...I was in my fancy dress heaven!

There was a stall where you could have your photograph taken professionally, and they had lots and lots of 'quintessentially British' props that you could strike a pose with....and lucky me, I got the big red phone...

This is one of the many amazing sculptures that were scattered about around the festival...

....and there were doors that did not lead anywhere....

There were lots of fantastic costumes....

But by Sunday things got rather silly...

But I did not miss the opportunity to do a little guerrilla crafting whilst I was there...

I even found someone wearing one of my little treasures....!

AUGUST - I finally organized my first craft night! (It only took about 6 months to sort out...tut tut...) On our first craft night we made and decorated cup cakes...

We did get a rather too experimental with the colours and flavours, and what we eventually ended up with was a wonderful mixture of cup cakes, ranging from coconut flavoured chocolate cakes topped with lemon butter cream and blue glitter, to pink Turkish delight flavoured cakes with blue smartie covered icing.... oh dear!

We tried to sell these little treats at the Brunswick festival in Brighton, but alas we could not even give them away...huh!

SEPTEMBER - Took me to the Isle of Wight, and WOW was a fantastic trip! I spent some lovely time with my mum and gosh, who would have thought that there would be so much to do in such a little place!
Some places on the Island where like stepping back in time, we found old arcade machines to play on and had soooooo much fun on the 2p gamblers...!

We found an amazing toy museum...

And we took a trip on a cable cart at The Needles...

And we saw a beautiful white tiger at the Isle of Wight Zoo...

So that was my Summer. Autumn is pretty much here, so whats next? Who can say....!

xxx I promise not to leave my blogging too long next time! xxx