Thursday, 19 February 2009


The only place to be this Friday night is checking out the amazing work of Studio_805 at London fashion Weeks' Vauxhall fashion scout show. An event showcasing young designers and stars of tomorrow, from the newest trend setters to the most promising graduates and the most talked-about young labels, see them here before they hit the mainstream!

Andrew Bannister the brains behind Studio_805, (and a very close friend of mine! X) shows through his latest collection an energetic, fast paced and impactful source of fresh and directional fast fashion and emerging trend ideas that keep you right on the pulse.

For this collection the jewellery was made by myself from red and white Lego. You too can hook a piece of my manipulated Lego jewellery in my Etsy shop

So luckily for me, I have bagged myself a front row seat for the event...I'm so exited!

For details of this must-see showcase, check out and for a closer look at Studio_805 you are just one click away -

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