Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Its great when an idea comes together... THE WORLD'S BIGGEST POMPOM!

So I think my Pompom obsession started with the tree sock project... (http://sisilylove.blogspot.com/2009/10/tree-sock.html)
The more that I made Pompoms, the bigger and more colourful they became. Then it happened...the idea...to make the worlds biggest Pompom!
So when asked by Liz Bishop of Brighton Fashion Week to become part of the creative team for the event, I soon realised that my Pompom dream could soon become a reality....a pompom that is made from recycled clothing...now this could work....
So with the help of the amazing, hard working Brighton Fashion Week team - my dream was born!
The wool was loaned to us from a company called 'Bag to School', who recycle old jumpers cast off from charity shops, they export them to a recycling plant in Italy, who break them down to their natural fibres and re make them in to socks...how fabulous! So 'Bag to School' kindly Lent us 2 tonnes of woollen jumpers which we made into miles and miles of 'rope' by tying the sleeves together.
The Pompom itself was constructed in a garage over the perod of one week. It was made from 12 individual panels - each panel wrapped in miles of woollen jumper rope.
On the grand unveiling day, each panel was moved in a truck to Jubilee Square Brighton where the final construction was completed by a team of approximatley 25 people.
 6 hours later the world biggest Pompom was made measuring a marvellous 14.7ft across!

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