Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Stock in my ETSY and FOLKSY online stores...

I love Lychees, and I really wanted to recreate my passion for this fruit in my latest project making ‘corsage style’ flower brooches.

I began by hand casting a lychee in plastic resin. The delicate system that I use to create my moulds, mean that it is only possible to cast an extremely small number of pieces before the mould saturates. Therefore the number of resin lychees that I have created for this project is limited to an edition of 14.

I then sewed a corsage/flower style base to secure the lychee onto. Each flower has two layers, and on each layer there are 6 individually crafted petals. The petals are made from reclaimed fabrics and recycled vintage fabrics that have been stitched on to a felt or denim base.

In addition to the extremely limited number of these brooches that I have produced, each individual piece is made from very different fabrics and the lychees are made from different coloured resins, therefore each piece is 100% bespoke and individual.

The brooch is finished off with a pin on the back that has a security fastening.

Due to their bespoke nature, if you were to wear one of these little cuties it is highly unlikely you will see anyone else wearing the same piece!

If you would like to take a closer look at my Lychee Brooches, check out my ETSY store or for UK shopping pop by to my FOLKSY store

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