Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cheeky Monkey!

I was treasure hunting at a flea market in Bournemouth a few years ago and I found an amazing Vintage Monkey ornament which I simply had to take home. I fell in love with his super cute face and cheeky smile so much that I had to try and reproduce it in some of my work...

So I decided to make a mould and re-create his cheeky little face in plastic resin!

Each Monkey face has been hand casted by myself using a resin plastic. The delicate system that I use to create my moulds mean that it is only possible to cast an extremely small number of pieces before the mould saturates. Therefore the number is Monkey face brooches that I have created is limited to an edition of 5.

So if you are wearing one of these little cuties it is highly unlikely you will see anyone wearing anything the same!

Each resin face has been securely attached to a corsage style brooch which has been made from reclaimed felt and netting.
The brooch is secured with a security pin on the back.
These are avaliable for sale for just £12 (or $20)
from my online stores.... (for worldwide sales) (for UK sales in GBP)

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Adrian said...

Just been watching Antiques Roadshow and there was a Monkey Broach on there worth £500 min. Don't know if it was the same as yours but might be worth a look at the repeat on BBC iplayer just in case. The one they had had originally been on a glass fruit bowl and then made into a broach.