Saturday, 24 January 2009


The lead up to Christmas was exhausting, and I always find January a really tough month to get motivated. During the festive hols I stumbled across a book called the creative entrepreneur written by Sonora Beam, and what a fantastic find!
In the words on Sonora herself "The Creative Entrepreneur is a visual, results-oriented, step-by-step method of business development for creatives from all walks of life who want to turn their passions into viable business opportunities.
Whether you are an artist, designer, or small business owner, this book will empower you to invent or renew your vision with the steps required to take your creative idea and make it real."

During my hiatus years as a sales manager I found myself on many courses which took me through SWOT analysis, SMART targets, BUSINESS PLANNING and IMPLIMENTATION, but more often than not, the information floated into my brain but never actually became relevant to what I actually wanted to achieve. The simple technique of 'visual journaling' that the book teaches seems to make every component of a business plan realistic, achievable most importantly, relevant to a creative thinker. It is so refreshing to find a business development book that is written in my language! I love it, and would recommend it to anyone with a crafty mind and a passion for success!

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