Sunday, 9 November 2008

It must be a sign.....!!!

Just lately I have been OBSESSED with vinyl, so much so that my other work has been put on the back burner....along with one of my best sellers; my twisted Lego jewellery...

Then....last week a GIANT Lego man washed up Brighton beach! It has got to be a sign!

My first reaction was I WANT IT, but then I realised that it probably would not be the most practical of house hold items as it measures a stunning 8ft tall! (but at least it wouldn't get lost down the back of the sofa...)
Brighton and Hove Council say that they are happy to leave it where it landed on the beach - How fab... my god I LOVE this town!
According to the local newspaper, the giant Lego man (I have named him George), swam over from Denmark (where there is a Lego Park), but others believe that he fell off a ship or is part of a publicity stunt. I believe however, that it was a sign, especially for me, to make more of my Lego jewellery.....!!!
What makes me even more sure of this is that in August last year, another giant Lego man washed up on the beach in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort. (YES - I AM GOING TO HOLLAND THIS THURSDAY!)
I wonder how many more giant Lego men are floating about in the sea, or is it just George doing a world tour?

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Saloni Chavda said...

Wow! The vinyl jewellery is simply astounding! :) Im doin a small course on accessory design here. Will be following your blog too! Love the pink touch to it.
Pop by at my blog if you like! Tc